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Membership Benefits

Stay Connected

Be part of the community sailing group. Maintain and enhance your network with the sailing community of St Kitts and Nevis.

Weekly Sailing Access

Discounts on Saturday Sailing Lessons.

Learn sailing or strengthen your sailing skills! SKYC offers youth and adult sailing programs. Enjoy the great sport of sailing without the cost of owning  a boat while benefiting from professional instruction during on-water training.

Access to Events

Enjoy a variety of activities such as boating rallies, socials, sailing classes, swimming classes, surfing, kite sailing and more

Swimming with kick boards

Other Services

In addition to sailing and swimming, members can do other activities such as surfing, kite boarding, and kayaking.

Membership Fee

Membership fees are due by end of January each year. Membership fees must accompany completed registration forms which serves to update us on your contact information.

Special Events

Throughout the year we may host special events that may require payment for participation. 

Fees for Classes

The St. Kitts Yacht Club hosts a youth and adult sailing (and swimming) classes each month. Monthly fees are charged.  Members enjoy discounted rates.

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