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  • How old must a child be in order to participate in any of your activities?
    At least 5 years old.
  • What are the fees for swim/sail lessons for children or adults per week/month?
    Youth Sailing - $100 per lesson Adult Sailing - $100 per lesson Youth Swimming - $100 per month Adult Swimming - $100 per month ***All Prices are in ECD***
  • When are classes held?
    Saturdays 2 pm - 5 pm
  • What age is considered adult?
    Adults are 18 and older.
  • How can we become a member?
    Register here : Click here
  • How do I register?
    Register here : Click here
  • What equipment and gear are provided by the yacht club for both swimming and sailing activities?
    At the yacht club, swimmers are provided with goggles if you don’t own a pair as well as kick boards when needed. Sailors are provided with a life jacket and use of all necessary boat equipment not limited to hulls, main sheath, sails, dagger boards etc.
  • Can we rent your equipment?
    Yes Contact us here:
  • Can parents observe or participate in any way during their child's swimming and sailing lessons?
    Parents are welcomed to watch both the swim or sail lessons and can accompany their child in case of children younger than 5 years in swimming. Since we offer lessons for both children and adults we encourage parents to join the adults swim or sail program.
  • Do you offer private lessons?
    Yes Contact us here:
  • Are there any special events or competitions organised for children participating in the swimming and sailing programs?
    Children at the St. Kitts Yachts Club have the opportunity to participate in the National Dinghy Championship which is the qualifier for ST. Kitts Nevis Sailing Association’s elite National selection team. Throughout the year, they have the opportunity to participate in the Booby Island Regatta as well. More Regattas as being organized for 2024.
  • What is the instructor-to-child ratio in both swimming and sailing classes to ensure personalized attention?
    The instructor to child ratio is ideally 1 instructor for every 5 children for both swimming and sailing for beginners. For advanced sailors, the ratio is 1 instructor for every 7 sailor.
  • How does the yacht club handle any concerns or emergencies during the swimming and sailing activities?
    The St. Kitts Yacht Club prides themselves with safety first. At sign up, parents’ information along with an emergency contact. All parents read the safety instructions and are notified of how emergencies are dealt with. Children will be treated on site if injuries are minor or would be transported to the nearest hospital and parents will be informed of such intention. Surgeries or medical authorization is to be dealt with by parents unless they are unable to be contacted and it’s a life or death situation. We haven't had any major emergencies in all of the years that we have offered lessons.
  • Are there opportunities for children to continue their swimming and sailing education beyond the basic lessons?
    Elite sailors at the SKYC have the opportunity to compete regionally at competitions such as the St. Maarten Optimist Dinghy Championship, Caribbean Dinghy Championship or any other Regattas the club decides to attend based on available finances. The swim program is a swim to sail program so it’s more of an entry level swimming to build water confidence for potential interested sailors.
  • Any other questions?
    Email us at
  • Can you provide details on the qualifications and experience of the instructors leading the swimming sessions?
    At present, we have our main instructor who is an Instructor trainer for CSA resort instructors, world sailing levels 1,2 and 3 which includes STCW. He is also a SKN coach developer and yacht master 200 tonnes. We also have one volunteer coach who also has his STCW and has some experience crewing on deliveries.
  • When and where are swimming lessons held for kids/adults?
    Swimming lessons are conducted by our experienced instructors from 2pm to 5pm on Saturdays on the Strip in Frigate Bay, St. Kitts. Contact us for more details:
  • How are the swimming lessons structured to ensure children's safety and skill development?
    Swimming lessons are conducted by our experienced instructor with a minimum of 5 persons in a one hour session. Younger children must be accompanied at all times by an adult if below the age of five (5). Swim instructor re-evaluate their students and move them to different time slots where they are paired with children of the same skill level.
  • What age do you recommend for sailing?
    Your child must be at least 5 years old to join the sailing program. However, it is recommended for your child to be at least 8 years old.
  • Are there specific prerequisites or skills required for children to enroll in the sailing program?
    Children and adults are encouraged to have an open mind and be willing to learn the new skill. Children must be able to swim and be water confident in order to participate in the sailing program.
  • Does the St. Kitts Yacht Club have lessons on yachts?
    We offer small dinghy sailing lessons. We do not offer lessons on larger yachts. However, we do have club rallies at certain times during the year in which members can bring their personal sailing vessels (including larger sailboats) and have other members sail with them for the day.
  • How does the yacht club ensure a fun and engaging learning environment for kids during the sailing sessions?
    During sailing sessions, based on wind permitting, sailors engage in fun upwind and down wind races. When the winds are too low, children engage in knot tying, watch sail related videos and engage in water activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing if time permits. They are also allowed to have fun rides on the other boats they don’t sail on regularly such as the Hobies or TS Fevas. We also offer summer camps and fun regattas.
  • What safety measures are in place during sailing lessons to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for children?
    At the SKYC, safety is of utmost importance. Each sailor goes through a capsize drill before getting on the boats, life jackets are mandatory to be worn in and around the water. Additionally, a safety motorboat is always in the water with an instructor nearby. Our coaches and volunteers have taken CPR and water safety courses as well.
  • Are there any additional resources or support offered to help children build confidence in the water and on the boat?
    Children are encouraged by their coaches and their peers through reinforcement of skills they are working on. For sailing, children work with more than one instructor who have different teaching styles. Further the children participate in competitions amongst themselves and against the sailors from our sister club in Nevis. Winning teams go off to compete in regional competitions.
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