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About Us

Some of Our Club

Our Mission 

As declared in our bylaws, our aims are:

  1. To foster interest in St Kitts Aquatic Activities

  2. To promote and encourage the development of the sports of yacht sailing, yacht  racing, and boating in general.

  3. To offer hospitality to visiting yachtsmen and boaters.

  4. To erect and maintain a club house for meeting of members and interested parties. 

  5. To carry out any activities or business that the elected Board of Directors of The Club may deem necessary.

  6. To encourage and promote environmentally sustainable policies relating to yachting in the Federation.

The Club Beliefs
About the club
Our Founder

Our Founder

Philip Walwyn

On August 3rd 2015, we said goodbye to Philip Walwyn, a legend in his own right, being one of the world's most accomplished sailing icons. Philip left his mark on this club in an undeniable way, giving his heart and soul into this sailing community and helping others an ideal to live by. For his contribution to the St. Kitts Yacht Club, we say thank you, and pledge to keep your mantle going by continuing to teach, encourage, and support sailing within St. Kitts and Nevis. 

To the man, the myth, and the legend that is and always will be Philip Walwyn, we salute you!

Our Executives
Our Instructors
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